Qiang Ji, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Thomas B. Moeslund, Aalborg University, Denmark
Gang Hua, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA
Kamal Nasrollahi, Aalborg University, Denmark


Invited Speaker:

Massimo Tistarelli, University of Sassari, Italy

Topic: Face Recognition: Challenges, Applications and Some New Technologies

Abstract: Biometric recognition has attracted the attention of scientists, investors, government agencies as well as the media for the great potential in many application domains. It turns out that there are still a number of intrinsic drawbacks in all biometric techniques. Among the many developed techniques for biometric recognition, face analysis seems to be the most promising and interesting modality. The ability of the human visual system of analyzing unknown faces, is an example of the amount of information which can be extracted from face images. This is not limited to the space or spectral domain, but heavily involves the time evolution of the visual signal. Nonetheless, there are still many open problems which need to be “faced” as well. This not only requires to devise new algorithms but to determine the real potential and limitations of existing techniques, also exploiting the time dimensionality to boost recognition performances.
This talk will review several methods for face matching, based on diverse similarity measure and image representations, both in 2D and 3D. The potential application of these technologies to forensic scenarios will be also considered.


Program Committee:

Abdenour Hadid, University of Oulu, Finland
Abhinav Dhall, Australian National University, Australia
Albert Salah, Bogazici University, Turkey
Andrea Lagorio, University of Sassari, Italy
Anil Jain, Michigan State University, USA
Guosheng Yang, Minzu University of China, China
Jose Alba-Castro, Vigo University, Spain
Josef Kittler, University of Surry, UK
Karl Ricanek, University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA
Lijun Yin, Binghamton University, USA
Marios Savvides, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Rama Chellappa, University of Maryland, USA
Shangfei Wang, University of Science and Technology of China, China
Shaogang Gong, Queen Mary University of London, UK
Sudeep Sarkar, University of South Florida, USA
Vladimir Pavlovic, Rutgers University, USA
Xiaofei He, Zhejiang University, China
Xiaoming Liu, Michigan State University, USA
Xilin Chen, Chinese of Academy of Sciences, China
Yan Tong, University of South Carolina, USA
Yan Shuicheng, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Yun Fu, Northeastern University, USA