Student projects


Current PhD projects

Anne Juhler Hansen Aesthetic Quality Control
Aske Rasch Lejbølle Queue estimation by vision-based re-identification (Industrial PhD with BLIP Systems)
Mark Philip Philipsen Adaptive and self-learning slaughterhouse robots (Industrial PhD with Danish Meat Research Institute – Teknologisk Institut)
Morten Bornø Jensen Automatic Analysis of Vulnerable Road Users using Multi-Modal and View Traffic Data
Anders Jørgensen Automatic veterinary inspection of chicken (Industrial PhD with IHFood)
Chris Bahnsen Robust Tracking of People using Thermal Cameras
Ramin Irani Facial Expression Recognition
Jeppe Veirum Larsen Musical Motivated Movement


Past PhD projects

Mohammad Ahsanul Haque Signal Processing Methods for Automatic In-Home Medical Diagnosis and Monitoring, 2016. Link
Rasmus Skovgaard Andersen Human-Assisted Computer Vision Methods for Industrial Mobile Robots, 2016. Link
Huamin Ren Computer Vision Methods for Abnormality Detection in Video Data, 2016
Andreas Møgelmose Computer Vision Methods for Detection and Re-identification of People, 2015. Link
Martin Sandau Christiansen Markerless Motion Capture, 2015
Rikke Gade Taking the temperature of sports arenas – Automatic analysis of people, 2015. Link
Michael B. Holte Vision-Based 2D and 3D Human Activity Recognition, 2012. Link
(Best Nordic PhD Thesis Award in Field of Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition 2011-2012)
Preben Fihl Automatic Video-based Analysis of Human Motion, 2011. Link
Kamal Nasrollahi A Computer Vision Story on Video Sequences: From Face Detection to Face Super- Resolution using Face Quality Assessment, 2011. Link


Master theses

Pain detection/recognition from facial images, 2015
Thermal-visible-depth image registration, 2013
Evaluation of Skeleton Trackers and Gesture Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction, 2013
Visual Detection of Humans in a Disaster Scenario, 2013
3D human pose estimation from monocular image sequences, 2012
Detecting unusual activities in surveillance video, 2012
Generic Tamper Detection for Surveillance Systems, 2012
Human action recognition using bag of features, 2012
Automatic estimation of statistics on the movement of people in complex indoor scenes, 2011
Automatisk Analyse af Idrætsfaciliteter, 2011
Multi-View Video Surveillance of Outdoor Traffic, 2007.
Automatic Re-Initialization of Head Pose Estimation, 2006.
Face Detection in Image Sequences, 2006.
Laser-based people tracking, 2006


Semester projects

Pedestrian counting using stereo thermal cameras, 2015
A classification system for abnormality detection in surveillance video, 2015
Face recognition using light field cameras, 2015
Person re-identification in video surveillance, 2015
Improving face recognition using soft biometrics, 2015
Counting the crowd using stereo vision with trajectory estimation based on Kalman and Mean-shift tracking, 2014
Sports activity measuring by thermal image processing, 2014
Head pose estimation in thermal images, 2012
People counting in urban environments, 2012
R&D of Helmet Mounted Eye Control System Based on Pupil Recognition and Position, 2012
Pointing Recognition in 3D, 2011
Robot Gesture Recognition, 2011
Automated human identification – using biometrics of the ear, 2011
Biometric identification using hand vein patterns, 2011
Attention Analysis, 2010
Human Pose Estimation, 2010
Capturing Facial Images of People Using a Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera, 2010
Automatic Annotation of Humans in Surveillance Video Recordings, 2006.